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Sam's Big Day - Galapagos Tortoise Moves to San Diego Botanic Garden

This video "Sam's Big Day" shares how a 600 lb Galapagos tortoise was moved from a home in Fallbrook CA to the San Diego Botanic Garden. It proved to be very easy as Sam the tortoise will follow you just about any where for bananas.

There is also a very interesting back story about this special tortoise and its tie to Julian Duval, President/CEO of the San Diego Botanic Garden, which started in 1966. It also touches on the love and special care Sam has received for over 40 years by Lois Dickson.  

Sam is clearly very fond of interacting with people, but it is not possible for that experience to be available to everyone visiting the Botanic Garden. So until Sam will be provided a display exhibit when the Garden expects to expand, he will be available as a therapy animal for people with special needs.

Wild Web Funding provided by San Diego Botanic Garden

Hosted by Julian Duval, President CEO, San Diego Botanic Garden

Produced, filmed and edited by Jim Karnik Films 
 Copyright 2010 Jim Karnik Films